How to water your newly laid sod

how to water newly sod

how to water newly sod

The interior of a pallet of rolls of sod becomes extremely hot very quickly in the summer, and this could kill the sod. You should start watering the sod as it is being laid down, rather than waiting until the entire lawn has been laid down before beginning the watering.

To check whether you have watered enough, lift up a corner of the turf to see whether the earth under the grass is wet.

It is generally better to water in the morning or in the late afternoon, except of course when first laying down the sod. The best times of the day are between 4 am and 10 am, and after 6:00 pm. You should check whether your municipality requires a watering permit.

Is it possible to over-water the lawn?

Yes, and over-watering can harm your lawn. The secret to rapid rooting of your sod is the right amount of water. The amount varies depending on the temperature.