Low maintenance grass

Low maintenance grass variety

Low maintenance grass

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Once established, this grass variety is an interesting option since it requires less fertilizer and water. The presence of fine fescues in this low maintenance Kentucky turf helps prevent white grubs.


  • Native varieties and/or adapted to our climate
  •  Does not need a lot of watering once well established
  • Supports moderate foot traffic

Additional information

  • The presence of fescues requires less fertilization and mowing, and helps keep grubs away.
  • Resumes its vigor and green color faster after drought


Breeds : 50 % Kentucky bluegrass, 30 % red fescue , 10 % hard fescue , 5 % Chewing fescue , 5 % microclover
Soil type : Loam to sandy loam
Thickness : 12 to 20 mm
Mowing Height: 50 to 80 mm
Dimensions: 2 pi x 5 pi

Low maintenance; LEED projects; roadside areas; cemeteries; rest areas; parks; and other eco-responsible projects