Sports grass

Sports variety

Sports grass

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The Sports variety is ideal for playing surfaces or areas with high foot traffic. Composed of 100% Kentucky bluegrass, this variety is produced in sandy soil making it the ideal choice for sports fields. Its layer of thatch provides cushioning for a safer playing surface.

The grass is very dense and is well adapted to close mowing.


  • Presence of thick stubble for comfort and increased safety
  • Excellent tolerance to trampling
  • Suitable for a short mowing

Additional informations

  • Early greening in the spring and late fall for an extended gaming season


Breeds : 100 % Kentucky bluegrass
Soil type : Loam to sandy loam
Thickness : 12 to 20 mm
Mowing Height: 50 to 80 mm
Dimensions: 2 pi x 5 pi

Sports fields and golf courses