Water saver

water saver variety

Water saver

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Once well implanted, this type of grass is an interesting option since it requires less water and fertilizer

The "Water saver" grass is perfect for those who concerned about the environnement


  •  Mix of a variety of TWCA certified Kentucky blue grasses requiring up to 50% less water once well implanted
  •  Perfect for your eco-responsible projects or to obtain LEED points
  • Native varieties and/or adapted to our climate
  • Significant biodiversity
  •  Does not need a lot of watering once well established
  •  TWCA and/or A-LIST-certified cultivars requiring up to 50% less water once well established
    • May mean less fertilization and mowing
    • May help keep white grubs away
    • Supports moderate foot traffic
    • The use of endophytic seeds helps the lawn cope with stresses such as drought, disease and bugs. 

Additional information

  • Ideal for your no-watering projects (once well established)

  • Made up of cultivars that will more quickly regain their vitality and green colour after a period of drought. The dormancy period is therefore reduced.
  • Even though dormancy is an excellent plant survival method, it makes the plants more susceptible to stress. A shorter dormancy period reduces the risk of weed infestation and sensitivity to foot traffic.
  • A lawn with a shorter dormancy period will result in greater photosynthesis, thus more effectively decreasing the ‘heat island’ effect.
  • Reduced water and input requirements make this grass a more environmentally-friendly option.


Breeds : 100% Kentucky bluegrass
Soil type : Loam to sandy loam
Thickness : 12 to 20 mm
Mowing Height: 50 to 80 mm
Dimensions: 2 pi x 5 pi

Water Saver; LEED projects;environmentally friendly

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