Shaded LEED

Shaded LEED variety

Shaded LEED

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This product is made up of a mix of fine fescue and Kentucky bluegrass cultivars selected for their increased tolerance to partial shade.

At least four hours of sun a day is recommended to maintain the quality of this grass

  • Mix of 50% Kentucky bluegrass and 50% fine fescues
  • The combination of fetuces and carefully selected bluegrass cultivars with enhanced partial‑shade tolerance allows this grass to thrive in partial shade
  • The presence of fetuces allows the grass to support light to moderate foot traffic
  • NB: No grass will grow in complete shade (in such cases, we recommend that you use a ground covering).
  • The use of endophytic seeds helps the lawn cope with stresses such as drought, disease or bugs.


Breeds : 50 % Kentucky bluegrass, 30 % red fescue , 10 % hard fescue , 10 % Chewing fescue
Soil type : Loam to sandy loam
Thickness : 12 to 20 mm
Mowing Height: 50 to 80 mm
Dimensions: 2 pi x 5 pi

Commercial, residential, municipal