Sod removal

Sometimes it is necessary to remove the existing sod in order to level the surface to be sodded, to level the ground in the event of subsidence or even to overcome certain weeds that absolutely must be uprooted. For example, if you have many dandelions on your old lawn, it will be necessary to remove the root system of the existing lawn with a weeder.

The sod removal process can be complex if you are not equipped to do so. When you entrust us with this task, we assure you of a fast and clean service. This process creates a lot of waste and it is for this reason that we take care of getting rid of it for you afterwards. This is a turnkey service that will make your life much easier.

Benefits of choosing Gazon à rabais:

  • Fast and professional service
  • Cleanliness assured when the team leaves
  • Competitive prices

Our sod removal service includes

Remove existing grass

We remove your old sod using a specialized machine.

Cleaning the work surface

We clean to avoid contaminating the future lawn.

Adding soil

We level the ground so that it is straight.

Grass installation

We install the new rolls of sod.

The prices:

Prices vary depending on the amount of grass to be removed and your needs. We advise you to complete a short online estimate request form for a quick response. You can also reach our specialists by phone , during business hours.

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