If you have grass to install, you can also entrust us with the leveling of your land.

This is a complex but essential task when you want to put new sod on your land. This is the foundation on which your grass will take root. If your base is not straight and perfect, it will cost you a lot to modify a bad leveling.

Our leveling service:

  • Adding top soil to even out the ground
  • Creation of slight reverse slopes to the property in order to send rainwater outside the land
  • Remodeling your land so that it is straight (raising, etc.)

Nivelage de la terre par notre équipe dans un parc
Service de nivelage de terrain

Number of land leveled last year

The prices: Depending on the size of the land and your needs, prices vary. We normally include the leveling service in our roll turf installation service . For a quick price, fill out a short estimate request form now!

Gazon à rabais offers an impeccable land leveling service. We guarantee you a very straight ground and with ideal slopes which will be calculated according to the configuration of your ground.

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