Our Grass

3 varieties of top quality cultivated turfs

These three varieties allow us to meet the different needs of our customers, we offer delivery or installation for each of them.

Possessing different characteristics and requiring maintenance that varies according to the variety, it is essential to select a variety that will adapt to your land and it’s use.

To choose the right variety of sod, ask yourself the following questions


1- How many hours of sun per day is the grass section exposed?

In terms of sunlight, a turf generally requires between 6 and 8 hours of sunshine per area, per day, in order to have all the nutrients required for it’s good rooting and good growth. Only LEED Shaded variety grass requires between 4 to 6 hours of sunlight per day, per zone.

Below 4 hours, it is recommended to put dead materials such as mulch or pavers.


2- Is there a lot of trampling on the area to be soded?

Next, it is important to consider the trampling on your future lawn. A large trample usually corresponds to a land with a dog or with children. Normal trampling corresponds to walking regularly on the ground, but nothing more.

Shaded LEED Turf does not tolerate any trampling.

Kentucky Bluegrass Turf has good resistance to regular trampling.

Kentucky Sport Turf is made for increased walkability.


With these answers in hand, you can select the variety that best suits your needs!

Here is a series of examples to better help you

More than 6 hours of sunshine | Normal trampling
The surface to be covered is exposed to the sun for more than 6 hours a day and the trampling intensity is low or normal. Kentucky Bluegrass variety turf is recommended.
More than 6 hours of sunlight | High trampling

.There are more than 6 hours of sun per day on your land and there is a lot of trampling (e.g. sports field, daycare, special projects). Kentucky Sports Turf is recommended.

Between 4 to 6 hours of sunlight | Little trampling

The land is sunny between 4 to 6 hours a day and there is little or no trampling. Shaded LEED Turf is recommended.

Less than 4 hours of sunlight

You have less than 4 hours of sun per day on your land. We therefore recommend not to lay sod.

If you would like assistance in making sure your choice is the most suitable, simply contact our professionals, who will be happy to talk with you. You can write to us directly or by email: info@gazonarabais.com

What varieties of grass to choose?

How much sunlight do you have per day?

If you have less than 4 hours of sunlight.

If you have 4-6 hours of sunshine

Where are you going to install your grass

Do you have a dog ?

Do you have young children?

If you install your grass on your front lawn with at least 6 hours of sunlight

With a big dog

With several dogs

If you don't have much trampling, with at least 6 hours of sulight

If you have a lot of trampling

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