Top soil delivery

Need earth or stone?

Gazon à rabais now offers a delivery service for sifted lawn soil (Top soil), garden soil, compost soil, river stone and crushed stone.

Area served:

North shore | South Shore | Montreal | Vaudreuil and around

Top soil

Premium sifted lawn soil

Compost soil

Used to promote rooting of turf

Garden soil

Used for gardening and landscaping

Bulk | Earth | Rock

Minimum order quantity for soil delivery: 1 yard

The minimum delivery of bulk products is one (1) yard and there is no maximum. A special price can be made for you if we deliver grass at the same time. The customer must determine the required quantity himself.

A yard of soil covers more or less 300 square feet by one inch in thickness.

In order to calculate the quantity required, here is the calculation to be made: the area of ​​the ground to be covered divided by 324, times the number of inches of thickness required.


For a land of 1000 square feet for 3 inches thick of soil, it will take 9.26 yards, so, rounding up to be sure not to miss any, it will take 10 yards.
(1000 feet divided by 324 times 3 = 9.26)

The availability of bulk product deliveries varies depending on the time of year. You can contact us directly for more information.

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