Sport Kentucky

sport kentucky variety

Sport Kentucky

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The Sports variety is ideal for playing surfaces or areas with high foot traffic. Composed of 100% Kentucky bluegrass, this variety is produced in sandy soil making it the ideal choice for sports fields. Its layer of thatch provides cushioning for a safer playing surface.

The grass is very dense and is well adapted to close mowing.

  •  100% Kentucky bluegrass
  •  Higher than average density 

  •  Extremely hardy so thrives well in our climate
  •  Layer of thatch that provides added comfort and safety for players
  •  Mix of four to five cultivars carefully selected for high usage
  •  15 to 20% “aggressive” cultivars that produce high-performance rhizomes, which boost regrowth
  •  Turns green earlier in the spring and stays green longer in the fall allowing for an extended playing season
  •  Adapted to closer mowing and high maintenance

High maintenance

To maintain its quality, this grass requires proper care, including watering, mowing, aeration, fertilization, topdressing and overseeding. The surface must have adequate drainage, and high usage should be avoided in less-than-ideal conditions. If need be, consult a specialist.


Breeds : 100 % Kentucky bluegrass
Soil type : Loam to sandy loam
Thickness : 12 to 20 mm
Mowing Height: 50 to 80 mm
Dimensions: 2 pi x 5 pi

Sports fields and golf courses