Delivery with forklift

Where we place the rolls of grass upon delivery is a question that comes up often. We are committed to doing our best to bring the purchased turf as close as possible to the place of installation, in order to reduce your workload.

We will therefore need a width of 9 feet to pass with our machinery.

So, yes, it is in most cases possible to deliver your new sod straight to your yard!

Livraison de petite quantité de gazon par trailer

Delivery by truck

For small quantities of grass, it is most likely that the delivery will be done manually. In this case, we will approach the truck as close as possible to the place of installation and our driver will unload it one roll at a time, by  hand.

Also, it must be taken into account that the temperature is an important factor during delivery, because a flooded ground will prevent us from delivering the turf to the desired location. We leave it to our delivery person to judge what is doable or not.


If you have chosen the sod installation service by our professionals, we will take care of transporting the sod to the place of installation.

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