This is a big question for many. First, know that there are pros and cons to both options.


Seeding is good for repairing or strengthening a lawn that already exists. It will certainly cost you less, but the maintenance required for the result obtained is less worth it, according to various opinions. Also, you will only be able to enjoy your lawn a few months after seeding. It is also important to remember that weeds may quickly appear, since the grass will not cover the entire area. On the other hand, seeding can be a good solution for those who have time for maintenance and who have a green thumb!

The best times to seed grass are in the spring, before mid-May, and in the fall, from mid-August to mid-September.


If you choose to sod , or to buy already mature grass in order to lay it (or have it laid), it may cost you a little more in the short term, but much less in the medium and long term.

However, be aware that it is an informed decision if you want to have an elegant land and this, very quickly and at a low price.

In the first weeks, you will need to water daily to encourage rooting. Thereafter, you won’t have to constantly maintain your lawn to keep it green and healthy, as you would with seeds.

Sod can be laid from mid-May to mid-November.

Sodding your land is therefore an effective and inexpensive solution to have an impeccable lawn and thus enhance the value of your property!

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