grass with earth without grubs

Is your lawn in poor condition, with a few turned over clods, a yellowish complexion and is the target of many animals such as skunks? Be aware that the problem of white grubs is very widespread in Quebec. Here are some suggested solutions.


Solutions to white grub problems


Certain chemicals exist to eliminate white grubs. However, they only eliminate the white grub eggs, which means that the treatment is effective only the following year. If your neighbors also have white grub problems, even if you do a chemical treatment, these little insects will come back.

We therefore propose to aerate your lawn, that is to say to dethatch and core of the ground.

Also, fertilizing your lawn with effective fertilizers is one of the best prevention methods. A healthy lawn will better resist invasions of white grubs and will be less vulnerable. So fertilize your lawn regularly to keep it green and dense.

Mowing the grass long, or at a height between 6 and 8 cm (or 2.5 to 3 inches), can also help. Adult white grubs prefer a short lawn for laying eggs.

It may sound crazy, but limiting outdoor lighting around the house during the egg-laying season, which is between June and July, is another effective method of preventing infestations. Indeed, white grubs are attracted to light.

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