If you want to maintain an impeccable lawn and never redo your landscaping, plan to apply fertilizer to your land several times a year.

We strongly recommend that you apply 2 types of fertilizer, rooting fertilizer and maintenance fertilizer.

Rooting fertilizer: application and uses

The rooting fertilizer is applied directly to the ground, therefore under the new grass. It stimulates the rapid development of the roots of the new sod. Before installing your rolls of grass, spread the rooting fertilizer. This can be applied using a small spreader by hand or manually. If you spread by hand, remember to use a rake afterwards to avoid accumulations in certain places. Then proceed with the installation of the sod. The price is $20 / 1 kilo bag. One bag covers approximately 1 pallet of sod.

Maintenance fertilizer: recommendations

The maintenance fertilizer is used between 3 to 5 times a year. It provides the lawn with all the nutrients required for it’s proper growth. The first time you apply this fertilizer, wait at least 3 weeks after laying the new sod. The following treatments are applied every 30 days. Very important: the fertilizer must be applied before a rain or else you must water your land abundantly after applying it, since there is a high concentration of nitrogen. Always use a hand spreader when spreading, and set it to the lowest level. Better to put less than too much. A word of advice from the pros: do not put down the bag of maintenance fertilizer directly on your new lawn, because if it has holes or if it spills, the accumulation of fertilizer will burn the grass. The price is $85 / bag of 25 kilos. The bag is huge and depending on the size of your land, you should have enough for the whole year. The bag can be kept for the following years, if it’s protected from the sun and bad weather, as well as rodents.

With fertilizer, your lawn will be immaculate

and you will have healthy green

grass for many years!

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